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Northern Bald Ibis:  research projects


The Northern Bald Ibis faces a typical situation of quite a lot highly endangered species: the wild population is declining whereas the captive population is healthy and the breeding success of the colonies is rather good.

Due to this high breeding success the idea about releasing captive born birds has been discussed intensely. Many studies on the Northern Bald Ibis in captivity and in the field have shown that the NBI is a highly social evaluated and sensitive bird species and has only a short period of learning when they are young. As the release untrained adult and young birds failed only evolving a new releasing method which takes the complicate social structure and the short learning period of this bird species into concern will probably lead to a self sustaining population.

Since 1996 4 research projects are working on release methods with different priorities. So far it is possible to establish a sedentary, free flying, self sustaining Northern Bald Ibis colony.