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Downloads: IAGNBI reports and NBI papers:

NEW: Last fligth of the Ancient Guide of Hajj (6,5 MB)

2016:  4th IAGNBI Meeting 2016 (Seekirchen, Austria) (5 MB)

2016: NBI ISSAP: International Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita) (4MB)

IAGNBI newsletter 1 (200kB)

IAGNBI newsletter 2 (250k)

IAGNBI newsletter 3 (3MB)

Species Action Plan (0,5 MB)

IAGNBI conservation report 2003 (2,6 MB)

IAGNBI conservation report 2007 (2,3MB)

IAGNBI conservation report Palmyra 2009 (4 MB)

The Middle East Northern Bald Ibis International Meeting and
Progess Report 2008 (1,6MB)

NBI husbandry guidelines (150kB)

NBI behaviour guidelines (442kB)

Conservation action for the NBI in Morocco (2008)(17pp)

Waterpoints for the NBI in Morocco (2008)(7pp)

Status and breeding development of the NBI in Morocco (2003)(13pp)

Mortality incident of the NBI in Morocco (1996)(11pp)

Development and Status of the Syrian wild population (2009)(7pp)

NBI wild population: Syria-Ethiopia (2009) (3pp)

Holleis, A., C. Böhm & A. Landmann (2009): Treu sein oder nicht? Partnerwahl und Partnertreue beim Waldrapp (Geronticus eremita). - Vogelwarte 47 (4): 316-317.

Lindsell, J.A., A.H Shehab & G. Q.A Anderson (2010): Patchiness in prey levels increases vulnerability of Critically Endangered Northern Bald Ibises Geronticus eremita on their Syrian breeding grounds. - Bird Cons. Int: 1-10.

Fritz, J. (2010 b): Ultraleichtflieger weisen den Weg - Der Waldrapp in den Alpen.  Der Falke 57: 95-105.

Fritz, J. & Riedler (2010): Renewed hope for the Middle East’s rares: donation of juveniles to the remaining northern bald ibis.

Serra G., Abdallah M.S. al Qaim G. (2008): Feeding ecology and behaviour of the last known surviving oriental Northern Bald Ibises Geronticus eremita (Linnaeus 1758) at their breeding quarters in Syria. Zoology in the Middle East 43: 55-68.

Serra G., M.M. Nahaz, M. Idan, L. Peške, A. Savioli, C. Bruschini & K. Alomari (2009): Assessment and characterization of the Ibis Protected Area in the Palmyra Desert - a proposed 5-year management and development framework. - IUCN publication, 80pp.

Serra, G., M. Mirreh, H. Kaddour, T. Razzouk, A. Al Jundi, A. Kanani, C. Batello & D. Williamson (2009): Assessment and characterization of Al Talila Reserve and surrounding Palmyrean desert. IUCN/DGCS Project report. IUCN publication, 134pp

Serra G., Peske L., Abdallah M.S., al Qaim G., Kanani A. (2009): Breeding ecology and behaviour of the last wild oriental Northern Bald Ibises Geronticus eremita in Syria. Journal of Ornithology.

Serra G. and M. Wondafrash (2009): Eco-ethological and conservation survey of N. Bald Ibises wintering in the Northern Shawa (Ethiopia) during 2008-09. EWNHS/IUCN report, 22 pp.