The NBI in Syria 2011 طباعة إرسال إلى صديق

The Northern Bald Ibis in 2011 in Syria

The remaining Syrian population consists of 3 adult birds - the male ‘Odeinat’ and two females ‘Salama’ and ‘Zenobia’. Odeinat and Salama are satellite tagged which allows us to follow their movements. In February 2011, female Zenobia was the first to return to her breeding grounds close to Palmyra while Salama and Odeinat were still in their wintering grounds. Thanks to Yilma Ebebe and the Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society (BirdLife in Ethiopia) Salama was checked in her usual wintering area and there she was: with Zenobia and 2 other unringed birds! As Odeinat, was in still in a completely separate site, this meant that we know of at least 5 birds in the population! more...