NBI in Syria 2012 طباعة

The Northern Bald Ibis in Syria 2012

In February 2012 we learned from the NBI team in Syria that all well known three adults Odeinat, Salama and Zenobia arrived safely back from their Ethiopian winter site. Two untagged birds have been seen with Salama in Ethiopia, so we hoped that at least one of them might make its way to Palmyra.
In April we got the information that a fourth bird arrived at the breeding ground in Palmyra! We hoped that it will pair with the lonely female Salama. In the meanwhile the very experienced pair Odeinat and Zenobia had built a nest and laid eggs.

Although contact and getting information is not easy we heard in June that the pair failed to fledge any chick this year.
In the Talila station the captive pair tried to breed as well but unfortunately failed too. So our hopes go to the next year and a successful migration of our well known group.
One piece of more positive news is that the semi-wild Birecik population in Turkey had a far better breeding season than usual with around 38 juveniles fledging.